Are you stuck? Do you need some motivation? Or do you have something helpful to share about the joys and frustrations of songwriting? Submit your questions and tips on the form. I'll post selected comments and answers in the "conversation" section on this page.

In addition to sharing my own experiences, I'll be tapping the area's finest musicians, singers, songwriters and technicians for their thoughts, too. So check back often!

I created "The Art of Songwriting" for young songwriters who are just starting out on their creative journey. It was developed as a 6-week workshop for up to 6 kids, but quickly morphed into custom experiences for young bands and private lessons for individuals.

With more focus on getting my own music out and playing with John and the band, I haven't been able to work with the kids as much, so I'm excited to be able to share tips from the workshop, and also create a place where songwriters of all levels can connect, learn and commiserate with one another.

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