Songwriter's Anonymous is made up of some of the best individuals I know, in both talent and spirit, Song Anon was born as a support group for SE Michigan songwriters of all levels and experience. They meet once a month at the Trinity House Theater, to share songs, provide performance opportunities and promote local artists.

John and I started playing as a duo when we realized we loved so much of the same music. It's fun to play with people who have different styles than your own, and it grows you as a musician. But it's a joy (and rare) to find someone you "sync" with almost from the first note. People often tell us how much they enjoy how our guitar playing and singing weave together so effortlessly. That's how it feels when we play, too. Check out our gallery and gig calendar.

In Harmony's Way gives me the chance to pay homage to some of my favorite classic rock/pop bands. We kick out some killer 4-part harmony and make some pretty sweet noise for an acoustic 4-piece band. If you like Fleetwood Mac, CSNY, the Beatles or The Who, invite some friends and hang out with us.

Songwriter's Anonymous

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Founded in 2007 by award-winning humorist and folk musician Mike Ball,  Lost Voices is a group of Michigan folk and blues musicians on a mission to bring creativity, self respect and personal growth to incarcerated and at-risk youth. If you're local, check out their calendar to attend a concert or fundraising event; if not, visit the site to learn more about their work or make a donation.

Lost Voices 

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John and Sharon

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