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Every Beat In My Heart

Here in my heart I’ve stowed away, All of the feelings I can’t say
A prisoner locked inside of a dream, Here in the sound of a silent scream
You brought the sunlight once again, Melted the snow, turned it to rain
Opened the door to life’s sweet sound, I can get lost in that refrain

With every beat in my heart, I want you
Every beat in my soul sings for you
Every beat in your heart and I’m alive

I hear your voice and I am free, Over the rush of the crashing sea
Gently caressing thoughts in my mind, Beg me to leave the past behind


Oh, hold on, I’m telling myself, I can’t let go this fast
Don’t hold on, you’re telling me now, to a memory of the past
But this pain I’ve felt inside’s so strong
I’ve been waiting to let go so long
And I can’t go back again, No I can’t go back again…no, no,no…

All of the world can hear this song, Safe in your arms where I belong
I hear your whisper on the wind, Say it over and over again…say it over and over…