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Good Love Ends

They all said that we’d be together 

Envied us then went home to fight
Now we’re in the same situation 

Don’t speak all day, can’t sleep, can’t sleep at night

Now, now, don’t go crying 

Somehow, we’ll pull through
Isn’t it the strangest feeling 

We stick by, stick by, but we don’t feel true?

Haven’t we been through it all together?
Didn’t we start out by being best friends?
Wouldn’t you say that life’s not always fair?
Turn around and see how a good love ends

Lies, lies you’re telling me a lie

Every time you say I love you
I know it’s just a bad situation 

I know why because I feel the same way too…yes I do


My, my, isn’t it a shame? 

We both know when the time comes ‘round
We’ll both say that there’s no one here to blame
You stay with me, but your heart’s nowhere to be found