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I was never on the ballot for homecoming queen
And the boyfriends I bragged of have yet to be seen
Wait all day for the sun, but the rain never fails
And female guitar players never have pretty nails

Oh they’ll tell you it’s easy, you can do as you choose
You’re a part of the team, just don’t ever lose
Well, cheerleaders and athletes may go hand in hand
But female guitar players get to play with the band

There are paths to choose, and hearts to break
There are dreams that die on the lake
In the still of the evening, don’t give up the fight
Or let one decision define your whole life

Waiting on memories that don’t change through time
And the boy I admired who’ll never be mine
No regrets, no excuses, no sweet alibis
‘Cause female guitar players get to play with the guys

Late in the evening, you can still hear a voice
Of female guitar players who play… with the boy