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My Transitional Song

You came from nowhere  
Out of the blue
I admit I was lonely
Looking for you
You seemed so right
But baby, you’re so wrong
You’re just my transitional song 

[Transitional Song: “Aw baby, give me another chance”]

Sayin’ it’s over, is so hard to do       
Can’t help believin’, there’ll never be another you
Everyone told me you wouldn’t last long
You’re just my transitional song

Right from the beginning, I knew in my heart
You weren’t the one for me
But you filled a gap, I had waited so long
You put me out of my misery

I’ll play you over again in my mind         
Whenever I need you, I know where to find
It’s so hard to write, that elusive next song
I know it’s not fair to string you along  
You served your purpose, kept my fingers warm 

But…..you’re just my transitional song