"Sharon, 'Redemption' is a great song but the video is even better! Beautiful as always!!! XO"​                                          -Mimi W. [Chicago, IL]

"Wow, really terrific! Well composed, mixed, loved instrumentation, and of course, most of all, the stories!"

​                          -David W. [Agoura Hills, CA]

"I just listened to the song and watched the video, 'Redemption.' Beautifully done! I also ordered your new CD, Sharon, and cannot wait to listen to the whole thing!"

​                                                                  -Kim M.

"Very Nice! Well-recorded and played. Interesting chord structure, wonderful voice"

​                                            -Bob H.

"I am totally loving this!!  Beautiful song writing, music, and your voice sends chills up and down my spine."

​                                                          -Shannon L.

"Wonderful. I just shared it with my 18-year-old granddaughter...she plays guitar and has a beautiful voice. We both remember this high school experience. Music was my savior..."

​                                             -John H.

"Have listened to your new CD and loved it!! Your music is so soothing and relaxing to listen to while driving to work..."

​                                               -Chau S. 

"What an amazing collection of songs. So beautiful and personal! Knowing what you have been through, 'Every Beat in my Heart' almost moved me to tears while driving in today. 'All I Want to Be' is like a wonderful Santana and Carly Simon mash-up. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I hope it makes it into the lives of many people."                                                          -Michelle S. [Greenville, SC]


     ...what they think

“Sharon Tse is a daring and uncompromising innovator with her confessional folk-pop to her jazz-inflected songs. All of this is vocally complemented with a smoke-burnished distinctive delivery. Her sound and style remain uniquely her own while her honesty continuously pulls on your heart."    

-Grammy nominated producer/vocalist, Kate Hart 


   ...what you think

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I'll post them here.​

​​“Good things come to those who wait. I can't pretend to be a patient person especially when music is at stake. I look forward eagerly to new and interesting stuff from songwriters and musicians because some of those people are geniuses. The new CD from singer/writer Sharon Tse was, I hate to admit it, well worth the wait. I waited for this CD for a long time and expected Sharon singing those folk type songs that she does so very well. Due to some complications from life, Sharon took eons and eons to finish what I thought would be a very good debut album.  

Boy, was I wrong!

This is not just Sharon Tse, but Sharon Tse as a jazz singer, soulful ballad purveyor, and her great voice taken to such heights that I am sure I have never heard these songs before. In the past, Sharon has done a good job of singing and presenting her material. Live shows are her best, but this CD is a revelation of emotion, power and control. Great writing and arranging along with the nobility of Michigan's music scene to back her up make this CD one of the best I have heard this year, certainly in the jazz area.

I am not sure what cut I like the most. Every Beat in My Heart grabs you from the first and Breathe is a hymn of passion. Seasoned players like Jason Dennie, Rod Capps, Dave Hendrickson, Mark Iannace and Susie Woodman on piano give this entire project depth and substance. Think more George Gershwin than Joni Mitchell. It all serves to showcase Sharon's stunning vocal prowling in both slow, soulful songs and in up-tempo selections. I always knew she was good; I had no idea she was this good. And backing vocals from Annie Capps, John Finan, Amy Fong-Kretzmer, Paul Kretzmer, and Beverly Meyer bring the best of Motown's sound to mind.

Don't miss the last cut, I'll Be Alright - Damn! This song tells you that no matter what, you will be all right. Note to Detroit Music Award hopefuls: This year in the jazz vocalist category, The View From Here is the one to beat."

                          Tom Saunders - A3Radio